You can make a practical experiment to see the difference between bamboo and steel knives better.

Take two tomatoes and cut one of the tomatoes with a bamboo knife and the other with a steel knife. Put the two tomatoes in the fridge and take them out after a few hours.

You will see that the tomato cut with a steel knife shrinks, its cuts become whitened, and it begins to lose its freshness.

The tomato you cut with a bamboo knife is as fresh and healthy as if it were cut a few minutes ago.

The reason for this situation is the nature of the bamboo. Nickel in the steel breaks the natural balance of fruit and vegetables, causing both the decrease in taste and the decrease in vitamin levels. The bamboo knife made entirely of natural bamboo wood preserves the natural structure of fruit and vegetables.

Bamboo knives are natural and healthy. It is the healthiest choice to use bamboo in all products that touches directly to your food.